Colour Options

Whether you need dazzling colour for a consumer package, simple colour coding for an industrial device, or a performance enhancing additive, there are plenty of options. Hueforia can assist you with quality masterbatch products.

What’s a masterbatch, you ask? That’s just a fancy term for putting concentrated pigment into a carrier resin; later, during processing, the masterbatch is mixed with the selected natural resin to create the target colour. You can learn more on the FAQ page if you’d like, including how masterbatches make your purchasing team happy.

The first step is determining the colour you need. You can select from our palette of popular, successfully proven colours, or your colour can be custom formulated to meet your precise target, including extra performance features if you need them. Check out the options below:


Hueforia 2019

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our palette of colours based on market research and trending forecasts for 2019. Learn More
Designing for 2018? Learn More


Universal Colour

Need the same colour across different plastics? Try our UniColour® Universal Masterbatches! Learn More

Custom Colour

Custom Colour

Hueforia can customize colour to meet your specific requirements, including masterbatches, precoloured resins, or compounds with performance enhancing additives. Learn More

Custom Colour

Colour with Special Effects

From light reflective to edge glow, metallic to pearlescent, the team at Hueforia can bring magic to your application through colour special effects! Learn More