Hueforia 2024

Colour That Moves You

Select colours from our trending collections to spark emotional connections with your target audience!

Hueforia 2024 - Aurora Collection

Aurora Collection

Inspired by the hope and promise that comes with dawn, the light colours of Aurora bring a freshness and levity to your product design.
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Hueforia 2024 - Luminosity Collection

Luminosity Collection

Whether you are designing medical devices, toys, or electronics, these colours will bring excitement and attention to your product.
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Hueforia 2024 - Twilight Collection

Twilight Collection

Like the certainty of night following day, the calm tones of Twilight evoke the feelings of wonder and contentedness.
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Hueforia 2024 - Nocturnal Collection

Nocturnal Collection

The deep, rich colours of Nocturnal bring a sense of classic sophistication to your product.
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