Hueforia 2025

Colour That Moves You

Select colours from our trending collections to spark emotional connections with your target audience!

Arid Collection - Hueforia 2025

Arid Collection

These warm, earthy tones are perfect material colour choices for household appliances, consumer goods, and visible plastic components.

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Tropical Collection - Hueforia 2025

Tropical Collection

Inspired by the lush beauty of the rain forest, the Tropical Collection radiates wild, vibrant hues.
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Temperate Collection - Hueforia 2025

Temperate Collection

The Temperate Collection bring a sense of quiet power, strength, and reliability to the plastic housings of electronic and medical devices.

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Polar Collection - Hueforia 2025

Polar Collection

The colours of the Polar Collection make unapologetically bold statements for thermoplastic parts found in automotive and recreational vehicles.
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