How The Magic Happens

How does it all work? First, let’s chat about your colour objectives. Are you designing something new, breathing new life into an existing application, or searching for an exact colour match? What general colour ideas would you like to pursue for your project… subtle sophistication, simple warm tones, or all-out razzle dazzle? Not sure? Check out Hueforia 2021 or Hueforia 2022 for inspiration! We should also talk about processing a bit, like whether the plan is to injection mold or blow mold your product, use extrusion processing techniques or other processes. We’ll make sure that your colour formulation is optimized for maximum performance with your resin and let-down ratio. We have a lot of technical people to work through the engineering mumbo jumbo, so no worries. Now, where were we? Oh yeah… we have a lot to talk about. So let’s talk!