Hueforia 2022

Colour That Moves You

Select colours from our trending collections to spark emotional connections with your target audience!

Hueforia 2022 - Origin Earth

ORIGIN Earth Collection

The natural hues of the Origin Earth collection inspire feelings of growth, freshness, and familiarity.
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Hueforia 2022 - Conspicuous Fire Collection

CONSPICUOUS Fire Collection

The brilliant tones of the Conspicuous Fire collection bring life and zeal to your product design.
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Hueforia 2022 - Soulful Water collection

SOULFUL Water Collection

The rich colours of the Soulful Water collection bring a sense of purposefulness.
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Hueforia 2022 - Harmonious Air Collection

HARMONIOUS Air Collection

The soft pastels of the Harmonious Air collection instill a sense of tranquility, stability, and hopefulness.
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