Hueforia 2021

Colour That Moves You

Select colours from our trending collections to spark emotional connections with your target audience!

Hueforia 2021 - Neo-Noir

Neo-Noir Collection

Neo-Noir includes classic colors and finishes inspired by art deco style, crime movies from 1940s-50s, and Madison Avenue advertising.
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Hueforia 2021 - Juxtaposition Collection

Juxtaposition Collection

Inspired by social media, Juxtaposition is a mix of vibrant, contrasting colors that are infused with energy and excitement.
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Hueforia 2021 - Equilibrium

Equilibrium Collection

The delicate balance between nature and modern-day progress is captured with the warm hues and rich tones of Equilibrium.
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Hueforia 2021 - Dreams2Reality Collection

Dreams2Reality Collection

Dreams2Reality features pastel colors that whisper of an upbeat, mindful hope for the future with distinct, yet subtle softness.
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